Expect nothing. Do something.

BTW, Apa Sih Artinya CMIIW, FYI, IMHO?

ADN = Any Day Now
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AFK = Away From Keyboard
AKA = Also Known As
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
ATM = According To Me
ATTN = Attention

BAK = Back At the Keyboard
BBIAB = Be Back In A Bit
BBL = Be Back Later
BBS = Be Back Soon
BFN = Bye For Now
BIF = Basis In Fact
BION = Believe It Or Not
BL = Belly Laughing
BRB = Be Right Back
BTA = But Then Again
BTT = Back To Topic
BTW = By The Way

CMIIW = Correct Me If I’m Wrong
CU = see you
CUA = Common User Access
CUL = see you Later
CWYL = Chat With Ya Later
CYO = See You Online

DBA = Doing Business As
DIKU? = Do I Know You?
DITYID? = Did I Tell You I’m Distressed?
DIY = Do It Yourself
DTRT = Do The Right Thing

EMFBI = Excuse Me For Butting In
EOM = End Of Message
EOS = End Of Show
EOT = End Of Thread

FTF = Face To Face
FAQ = Frequently Asked Question(s)
FISH = First In, Still Here
FOMCL = Falling Off My Chair Laughing
FUD = Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt
FWIW = For What It’s Worth
FYA = For Your Amusement
FYEO = For Your Eyes Only
FYI = For Your Information

GA = Go Ahead
GAL = Get A Life
GIGO = Garbage In, Garbage Out
GIWIST = Gee, I Wish I’d Said That
GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike
GOL = Giggling Out Loud
GRD = Grinning, Running & Ducking
GTG = Got to Go
GWS = Get Well Soon
GTRM = Going To Read Mail

HHOK = Ha Ha, Only Kidding
HHOS = Ha Ha, Only Serious
HNG = Horny Net Geek
HTD = Have To Disagree
HTH = Hope This Helps
HTHBE = Hope This Has Been Enlightening

IAC = In Any Case
IAG = I’m A Genius
IAE = In Any Event
IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer
IC = I see
ICAM = I Couldn’t Agree More
ID = I Disagree
IHA = I Hate Acronyms
IIRC = If I Remember Correctly
ILY or ILU = I Love You
IMAO = In My Arrogant Opinion
IMCO = In My Considered Opinion
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO = In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
IOW = In Other Words
IPN = I’m Posting Naked
IRL = In Real Life
IRT = In Real Time
ITA = I Totally Agree
ITD = I Totally Disagree
ITRW = In The Real World
IOW = In Other Words

JAT = Just A Thought
JAPRI = Jalur Pribadi
JFU = Just For You
JIC = Just In Case
JK = Just Kidding (or Joke)
JMHO = Just My Humble Opinion
JMO = Just My Opinion

KWIM? = Know What I Mean?

L8R = Later
LBAY = Laughing Back At You
LD = Later Dude
LDR = Long=Distance Relationship
LLTA = Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause
LMAO = Lauging My Ass Off
LOL = Laughing Out Loud or Lots Of Luck
LOLBAY = Laughing Out Loud Back At You
LTM = Laugh To Myself
LTNS = Long Time No See

M/F? = Male or Female?
MEGO = My Eyes Glazed Over
MHOTY = My Hat’s Off To You
MINK = Multiple Income No Kids
MMHA2U = My Most Humble Apologies to you
MOOS or MOTOS = Member Of The Opposite Sex
MOSS or MOTSS = Member Of The Same Sex
MOTD = Message Of The Day
MOTO = Member Of The Opposant
MUD = Multi=User Dungeon (or Dimension)

NBIF = No Basis In Fact
NBIR = No Basis In Reality
NW = No Way
NP = No Problem
NRN = No Reply Necessary

OIC = Oh, I see
OLL = On=Line Love
OMG = Oh My God
OOT = Out Of Topic
OOTB = Out Of The Box
OPM = Other People’s Money
OTF = On The Floor
OTOH = On The Other Hand
OTOOH = On The Other, Other Hand
OTP = On The Phone
OTTH = On The Third Hand
OTTOMH = Off The Top Of My Head
OTW = On the Way

PANS = Pretty Awesome New Stuff
PC = Politically Correct or Personal Computer
PDA = Public Display of Affection
PDQ = Pretty Darn Quick
PEBCAK = Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PGB = Pengertiannya Gitu Bang
PI or PIC = Politically Incorrect
PITA = Pain In The Ass
PMFJI = Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMJI = Pardon My Jumping In
POTS = Plain Old Telephone Service (or Pretty Old Tired Stuff)
POV = Point Of View
PPL = Peed Pants Laughing or People

RL = Real Life
ROAR = laughing as loud as a lion
ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing
RP = Romantic Partner
RPG = Role Playing Games
RSN = Real Soon Now
RTM = Read The Manual or Message
RW = Real World
RYO = Roll Your Own

SINK = Single Income No Kids
SITD = Still In The Dark
SO = Significant Other
SOL = Smiling Out Loud
SOMY? = Sick Of Me Yet?
SOS = Someone On Shoulder
STD = Sick To Death
STS = Sorry To Say

TAF = That’s All Folks
TAFN = That’s All For Now
TANSTAAFL = There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TBH = To Be Honest
TCN = Take Care Now
TFH = Thread From Hell
TFI = The Fact Is
TFM = Thanks From Me
TFMT = Thanks From Me Too
TFS = Thank For Sharing
TGIF = Thank God It’s Friday
TGTBT = Too Good To Be True
TFRM = Thanks For Remind Me
THX = Thanks
TIA = Thanks In Advance
TIC = Tongue In Cheek
TIG = This Is Great
TIIC = The Idiots In Charge
TLA = Three=Letter Acronym
TPTB = The Powers That Be
TTFN = Ta Ta For Now
TTYL = Talk To You Later
TQ or TX or TXS or THX = Thanks (or Thank You)
TYSM = Thank You So Much
TYVM = Thank You Very Much

UAPITA or YAPITA = You’re A Pain In The Ass
USTM or YSTM = You Should Thanks Me

VWP = Very Well Put

W4W = Word for Word
WAGS = What A Great Story
WAI = What An Inspiration!
WB = Welcome Back
WDALYIC? = Who Died And Left You In Charge?
WFM = Works For Me
WIBNI = Wouldn’t It Be Nice If
WP = Well Put
WT? = What/Who The?
WTH? = What The Hell?
WTG = Way To Go
WTGP? = Want To Go Private?
WTS = With That Said
WU? = What’s Up?
WUF? = Where are you From?
WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

XOXO = kisses and hugs
XX = kisses

YAAG = You Are A Genius
YABR = You Are Being Replaced
YGBSM = You’ve Gotta Be Shittin’ Me
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary
YRR = You ‘R’ Right
YVMW = You’re Very Much Welcome

73 responses to “BTW, Apa Sih Artinya CMIIW, FYI, IMHO?

  1. kilaubiru 19 Oktober 2011 pukul 6:20 PM

    ABCDEFG = Aduh Bo Cape Deh Eke Frustasi Gitu:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

  2. Mr_Long'S 19 Oktober 2011 pukul 6:31 PM

    KB lagi Galau😆

  3. Pak Bambang Nunggang Byson 19 Oktober 2011 pukul 7:18 PM

    triple A

  4. Triyanto Banyumasan 19 Oktober 2011 pukul 8:20 PM

    jikakkkk nek A tekan Z opo jal ?😀

  5. tawon 20 Oktober 2011 pukul 1:27 AM

    CMIIW Correct Me If I’m Wrong..
    KAKAK Korexi Aq Klo Aq Keliru..
    MDLMDL Monggo Dileresake Menawa Dalem Lepat..

    *dirangkum dari berbagai sumber


  6. hadi 20 Oktober 2011 pukul 9:09 AM

    ODKG MB…Ok Dech Kalo Gitu MasBro…xixixiiii…..

  7. blognyamitra 20 Oktober 2011 pukul 9:22 AM

    Istilah kondisi lalu lintas

    1. Ramlan (ramai lancar)
    2. Pamer paha (padat merayap tanpa harapan)
    3. Pamer susu (padat merayap susul-menyusul)
    4. Pamer gigi (padat merayap gila-gilaan)
    5. Pamer pantat (padat merayap panjang antrian merapat)
    6. Pamer paha diranjang (padat merayap tanpa harapan di dalam antrian panjang)
    7. Pamer dada (padat merayap tersendat-sendat)
    8. Pamer jempol (padat merayap terjebak macet di pintu tol).
    9. Pamer Penis (padat merayap pengen nangis).

  8. bapakeValen 20 Oktober 2011 pukul 11:13 AM

    info yang PBSOB
    (Penting Buat Saya Orang Baru)😀

  9. wendakalubis 20 Oktober 2011 pukul 11:33 AM

    Busyet dah ALAY ALA BLOGGER..
    Izin Copy ya….😀

  10. SKP 24 Oktober 2011 pukul 11:13 AM

    Nggak Tau? Makanya buka Internet… NDESOO..!!

  11. encoes 30 Oktober 2011 pukul 7:47 PM

    baru ngerti. selama ini kiorain apaan. 4 thumbs up

  12. gesang86 17 November 2011 pukul 2:06 PM

    Wach, ternyata ada kamus gaul….

  13. gagan 6 Februari 2012 pukul 9:00 AM

    GMS.. Gendheng Mangan Semirrr…!

  14. waodedianekawato 2 April 2012 pukul 9:29 AM


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  16. tio 7 Juni 2012 pukul 5:10 PM

    Gue Galau Galau Gimana Gitu Guys

  17. Budi 27 Juli 2012 pukul 3:33 PM

    Titi DJ Dedi Dores

  18. adrian 31 Agustus 2012 pukul 5:36 PM

    jangan bucek bro…..

  19. aninditablog 13 September 2012 pukul 3:23 PM

    Wah mantab, baru tahu tentang CMIIW😀

  20. anax kolonx 28 Oktober 2012 pukul 11:18 AM

    akhirnya nemu jawaban FYI di mari, sip dah.. (y)

  21. Sunthree 2 November 2012 pukul 10:00 AM

    wkwkwkwkwkwkwkkwkwwkk, baru sadar ternyata itu kata singkatan

    Salam kenal sob, ane Bukan KPK

  22. Anonymous 23 Desember 2012 pukul 10:28 PM

    IJO KACANG=Isih JOmblo KAkean CANGkem

  23. nopan 6 Januari 2013 pukul 10:51 PM

    Kok malah komennya yang keren2. Hahaha

  24. jorstaka 27 Januari 2013 pukul 6:08 PM

    kamus alay
    Ciyus : Serius
    Miapah : Demi Apa
    Cungguh : Sungguh
    Binun : Bingung
    Akoh : Aku
    Cemungudh : Semangat
    Gudnyus : Good News
    Masya : Masak
    Lahacia : Rahasia
    Amaca : Ah masa
    Kiyim : Kirim
    Ca oong ciih : Masa bohong sih
    Ma capah : Sama Siapa
    Maacih : Makasih
    Macama : Sama-sama
    Enelan : Beneran

  25. Anonymous 21 Februari 2013 pukul 11:08 AM

    baru tau aane btw

  26. joko 18 Maret 2013 pukul 10:35 PM

    waaahh…baru tauu neeh..numpang kopas buat kamus di bali y gan..hehe…matursuksma infonya..

  27. Anonymous 3 April 2013 pukul 7:58 AM

    bahasa gaulnya untuk TOURING apa? kirim ya ke :

  28. yuhuu 5 April 2013 pukul 5:48 AM

    Wkwkwk TiTi Dj Dedi Dores masih eksis aja :p

  29. kilau.biru 14 April 2013 pukul 6:09 PM

    kalo mau melakukan sesuatu harus memperhatikan
    Situasi KONdisi TOLeransi yang berkePANJANGAN

  30. dodik 22 April 2013 pukul 9:58 PM

    bhs ind ny mana , soalny saya g pntr bhs ing . Haha7x

  31. mahos 23 April 2013 pukul 3:57 PM

    Ty FYI(ty for your information) wkwkwkwk

  32. Abie Rachman 4 Mei 2013 pukul 9:23 AM

    Pake otak dong, kalo ketawa itu “Hahahahahaa”, bukan “Wkwkwkwkwkk” emangnya bebek xD
    wkwkwkwkwkkk… salah!!! Hahahahahaa

  33. kata renungan hati 23 Juni 2013 pukul 7:37 PM

    Keren Keren..
    NICE INFO sobat.. di tunggu kunjungan baliknya.. hehe

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  35. Yayanti 9 September 2013 pukul 5:53 PM

    GR8 = GREAT😀
    T4TNP= Thanks For The Nice Post..😉

  36. indra 3 Januari 2014 pukul 6:15 AM

    akhr nya tau CMIIW IMHO:mrgreen:

  37. Lionel Yayan 1 April 2014 pukul 8:17 PM

    ane kirain apaan CMIIW itu..
    eh ternyata cuma Correct Me If I’m Wrong😀

  38. MTASAS(mau tau aja Siapa aku sebenernya 28 April 2014 pukul 10:24 PM

    Oh Gitu Ya Sebenernya Ini Penting Tapi Ga Penting

  39. noname 31 Mei 2014 pukul 8:37 AM

    apelah alay semua :3 -_-“

  40. Pingback: Singkatan singkatan di Blog yang perlu kita ketahui. | edhy1972's Blog

  41. tanggamusik 21 September 2014 pukul 1:34 PM

    hahahah, komenya alay semua

  42. Rizka 19 Maret 2015 pukul 1:04 AM

    wau… mantappppppp (y)
    terimakasih gan, sangat membantu tugas laporan Pengenalan Web gue..

  43. Achmad Fazri 20 Oktober 2015 pukul 11:50 PM

    bantak bgt singkatannya, gue sampe bingung😛 rata rata emang sering muncul status status yg pake singkatan seperti diatas… kepala gue ngebul mendengar kalimat kalimat seperti itu😀


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